We’re a startup by nature, corporate on paper, and we’re built on the foundations of wanting to make a difference.

Platform 5 was started by Chris Lendrum and Chad Hudson in 2015. From inception, Chris and Chad have operated on the underlying principle that Platform 5 wants to create solutions based in technology that make a difference to brands and the people that work for them.

We’re agile, we understand the market, but most importantly we care.

We know that the world has become less and less enamoured with advertising: bye bye Mad Men, hello ad blocker.

We also know that your brand has to produce ROI in an increasingly difficult market. Digital is great, but why spend the money if you’re not getting any value from it?

We keep things simple. We’re here to make digital advertising more valuable to your customers and make your life easier, but don’t worry – we won’t have to convince you that we’re right, we’ll just show you.

WPP is a creative transformation company. We bring together brilliant people to build better futures for our clients.

Platform 5 is a proud partner of TMARC and WPP. Find out more about WPP.

Our points of difference

We work with clients who want to drive transformational change in marketing to reach their audience through the most relevant media channels.

Consumer-centric planning is at the heart of everything we do. Building on the same truth for creative and media attracts sustained engagement from your target audience.

We have a software-enabled service proposition that, combined with our experienced performance-driven team, delivers on your strategic goals.

We workshop objectives with you to ensure upfront that the output of our campaigns are measurable and achievable.

We bridge analogue and digital realms to reduce media wastage and close the measurement loop. Data, analytics and compliance are embedded in everything that we do.

We have an open-book culture of strategic experimentation and long-term value creation through learning.

People Who Love Our Work

The Platform 5 team has been incredible to work with over the past two years. Not only are they exceptionally knowledgeable regarding digital marketing and all its nuances, they are responsive and committed to delivering on our specific business objectives and on-line strategies. They have taken the time to understand our business and it’s consumers, and are always at the forefront of thought leadership in the digital marketing space.

Tracy Boreham - Digital Brand Manager, Ciro

Panasonic has outsourced the entire marketing functions to Platform 5 since April 2018, and they have done a great job in executing some of the marketing strategies that we have set forth whether ATL or BTL.

Our team cannot be more satisfied with their work and I will recommend Platform 5 to any local and/or global companies.

Hidetoshi Kaneko - Managing Director, Panasonic